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Peace Lights is a flowing video piece of art.

It is not affiliated with any organizations other than having been adopted or endorsed as a symbol of peace.

Peace Lights was created with purely transmitted light and has become an increasingly recognized symbol of peace and non-violence globally. Peace Lights has been adopted by peace organizations from 19 countries and was endorsed by the United Nations International Year of Light & Light-based Technologies in June 2015.


Sheikh Musa Drammeh, Chairman of the New York Peace Coalition in the Bronx, New York, believes that as a symbol of peace.

“Peace Lights has greater potential to reach and impact attitudes and behaviors for peace globally than any other visual representation being actively discussed today. It is the most credible new symbol of peace that has been presented to mankind in more than a generation.”

Peace Lights is more than a passive “eye candy” experience. While Peace Lights is universally recognized for its “good energy”, the lights also provide people worldwide with a common experience, universal symbolism, and a shared invitation to contribute and draw from the collective energy. This creates and enhances a global sense of connectedness, solidarity, empathy, and support. Much needed elements at this point in history.

Symbolism of Peace Lights:

The colors represent the different cultures of the world while the motion represents the ways in which these cultures interact and work together to achieve harmony, peace, and good energy.

Wherever Peace Lights plays around the world, people are encouraged to project their own thoughts and intents related to peace into the lights. In this way, there is a collective energy, contributed globally, capable of providing deep feelings of connectedness, solidarity and support.

Two (2) Versions of Peace Lights:

There is also a version of Peace Lights with the 30 Human Rights displayed in English and French (Arabic coming) instead of the languages. The two versions are often looped together as in the YouTube video here.

Peace Lights Around The World:

Peace Lights has been featured internationally at several music festivals, concerts, large conferences, community meetings, religious services, awards ceremonies, hip-hop events, film festivals, County festivals, famous public squares (extended engagements), Vigils, Fashion Weeks, Commemoration events for Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bombings, projected live onto several large public buildings, on the Live Sonima Tour headlined by Stedman Graham and Caroline Jones. Peace Lights has played at Port Authority Bus Terminal, three times to date in Time Square in NYC, and at numerous venues worldwide during the last two Olympic Games.

Peace Lights has played several times on 6 of 7 continents and at nearly 40 United Nations-related events. This includes in several of the main conference halls, the Delegates Lounge, and in the General Assembly Hall during last year’s International Day of Yoga.

The Peace Lights Press Page provides links and a (mostly) complete history of events and related activities. At the top there are links to some pictures of Peace Lights playing around the world.

There is never a charge to play Peace Lights and significant effort has been put into keeping Peace Lights pure.

Project Peace Lights:

The journey of Peace Lights and, specifically, an invitation to play at an event honoring civil rights icon, Claudette Colvin, has inspired a separate NGO named, Project Peace Lights.

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